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Catiators Bombs Away
DOB: 11/21/2001 Reg No.: 0208-1380302 Colour: Tawny sptd
Auxarcs Ozzie of WhtFang Spot
DOB: 1/29/2000 Reg No.: Colour: Lav silver sptd
GC RW Synareo Big Man In Town Of Auxarcs
DOB: 3/21/1998 Reg No.: 0216-1193998 Colour: Chocolate sptd
CH Lakme Kenai GC Wild Rain Raindance Of Auxarcs
GC Wrentree Macchiata Of Lakme
CH Auxarcs Lavender Blue Dilly-Dilly, DM GC RW Echoesofmaja Runs With Thunder
CH Auxarcs Story Teller
CH Arons Crimson And Clover
DOB: 2/27/1997 Reg No.: 0221-1130591 Colour: Cinn silver sptd
GC Tigrina Macgregor Of Arons GC Tigrina's Starry Night, DM
Annapcats Cinnlarki Of Tigrina
Polynesia CH Attabiya Press Your Luck
Robin Cliff Solitaire
Catiators Chasca of Neuspots
DOB: 8/29/2000 Reg No.: 0213-13334355 Colour: Ebony silver sptd
CH Catiators SR-71 Blackbird
DOB: 6/27/1999 Reg No.: 0212-1256010 Colour: Ebony silver sptd
Catiators F-4 Wildcat GC RW Galax Santa Claus Of Auxarcs
Sarsenstone SilverSpring Of Catiators
CH Synareo Crystal Blue Persuasion GC Synareo Mountain Spinner
CH Auxarcs Lavender Blue Dilly-Dilly, DM
Milwaukee's Finest of Catiators
DOB: 9/21/1999 Reg No.: 0209-1294478 Colour: Tawny sptd
CH Halifax Top Wesselton EC Uluru Stormwalker Of Abywise
CH Catoninetail Sheeba Of Halifax (1994)
Milwaukee's Ylva CH Bc Katz Holoholo-Of-Milwaukee's
Pawaw's Waanibe
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