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Dreamsong Radar Blip of Catiators
DOB: 8/15/2002 Reg No.: 0203-1419694 Colour: Ebony smoke spotted
Ridgemount Othello
DOB: 2/10/2001 Reg No.: 0202-1359227 Colour: Black Smoke sptd
CH Walnuthollow Jig of Ridgemount
DOB: 5/3/1998 Reg No.: 0216-1207852 Colour: Chocolate sptd
GRC Auxarcs Equalizer Of Walnuthollow GC Wild Rain Raindance Of Auxarcs
CH Auxarcs Mariah
Kuttoneth Desiderata GC Glossyoci Lotto Dotz Of Ociquest
Osigatti Lady Godiva Of Ociquest
CH Ridgemount Mysterioso
DOB: 12/12/1999 Reg No.: 0213-1298632 Colour: Ebony silver sptd
CH Ridgemount Poco A Poco CH Ridgemount's Bravo
GC PR Ridgemount's Melody
CH Walnuthollow Polka of Ridgemount GRC Auxarcs Equalizer Of Walnuthollow
CH Ridgemount Almond Of Walnuthollow DM
IW, QGC Chisholm Trail's Lilith of DreamSong
DOB: 7/5/2001 Reg No.: Colour: Choc silver sptd
Speckledband's Silverado of Chisholm Trail
DOB: Reg No.: 0212-1318110 Colour: Ebony silver sptd
CH Late Night Cuban Pete GC Techichimec Koyemsi of Late Night
CH Techichimec Appaloosy Pony
Speckledband Dame Jennie May of Chisholm Trail GC Synareo Mountain Spinner
Speckledband's Lady Elizabeth
Chisholm Trail's Ciar Dhu
DOB: Reg No.: 0203-1302707 Colour: Black Smoke
CH Ridgemount Passacaglia of Hakuna CH Tigrina Marcato Of Ridgemount
Ridgemount Dolce
Chisholm Trl Thunderasia of Hakuna CH Mr Thunderheart
GP Miss Dawn's Flight of Chisholm Trail
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