Pedigree of:

Catiators C-47 Dakota
DOB: 12/10/2004 Reg No.: 0209-1525909 Colour: Tawny sptd
GC Calumet Cats PropWash of Catiators
DOB: 1/8/2003 Reg No.: 0208-1452255 Colour: Tawny sptd
Kazar Onyx Corky Of Calumet Cats
DOB: 5/15/1991 Reg No.: 0208-0721570 Colour: Tawny sptd
CH Lord Khalvin Of Tigrina CH Glennacre Rousseau Of Colasberos
Kazar Monica Sound CH Aruby Amadeus Of Kazar
CH Aruby Scarlet O'Hara
Calumet Cats Aubergine
DOB: 1/5/2002 Reg No.: 0219-1390222 Colour: Lavender sptd
Synareo Little Duece Coupe CH Lakme Kenai
CH Auxarcs Lavender Blue Dilly-Dilly DM
GC Auxarcs Jane of Calumet Cats CH Saga Code Breaker
GC Onthespot Embraceable You Of Auxarcs
Auxarcs 7 Bridges Road of Catiators
DOB: 7/16/2002 Reg No.: 0217-1463486 Colour: Chocolate sptd
Beduin Beauty's Bahr el Arab
DOB: 7/31/1997 Reg No.: SVERAK LO 145919 Colour: Tawny sptd
Pawaw's Asi-Yaholo EC Catoninetail Oh Boy Of Goldpaws
Shatori Trade Secret
Pawaw's Claybasket EC Catoninetail Oh Boy Of Goldpaws
Halifax Heather Of Pawaw's
Auxarcs She's Come Undone
DOB: 6/14/2000 Reg No.: 0217-1238342 Colour: Chocolate sptd
GC RW Auxarcs Hunk-of-Burning Love GC RW Synareo Big Man In Town Of Auxarcs
CH Arons Crimson And Clover
Auxarcs She's So High CH Saga Code Breaker
GC Onthespot Embraceable You Of Auxarcs
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