Pedigree of:

Catiators C-9 Nightingale
DOB: 4/13/2003 Reg No.: Colour: Cinn silver sptd
GR EUR CH Escoburg Generaal Zazoe
DOB: 10/20/1998 Reg No.: RvT. 102.385 Colour: Cinnamon sptd
EC Galax Gold Finger
DOB: 4/28/1995 Reg No.: 0210-1031248 Colour: Cinnamon sptd
EC Gemlou Pink Panther CH Wildquest Last Call Of Gemlou
GC Gemlou Sassy Cinner Of Runestone
GIC Gemlou Silver Stardust GC Gemlou Rockasans
Kimoci Dresden Doll Of Gemlou
Annabel uut 't Ieseldonk
DOB: 8/31/1995 Reg No.: NCT 956187 Colour: Cinnamon sptd
Challenger Von Eisenstein CH Previka Bairro Alto
EC Zohara Sepherina
Blackwater Sarabi GC BW NW Cinnful Chivas Of Starspots
GC Ociville Kisha Of Blackwater
Auxarcs Flite of Fancy of Catiators
DOB: 1/29/2000 Reg No.: 0229-1310228 Colour: Lavender silver
GC RW Synareo Big Man In Town Of Auxarcs
DOB: 3/21/1998 Reg No.: 0216-1193998 Colour: Chocolate sptd
CH Lakme Kenai GC Wild Rain Raindance Of Auxarcs
GC Wrentree Macchiata Of Lakme
CH Auxarcs Lavender Blue Dilly-Dilly DM GC RW Echoesofmaja Runs With Thunder
CH Auxarcs Story Teller
CH Arons Crimson And Clover
DOB: 2/27/1997 Reg No.: 0221-1130591 Colour: Cinn silver sptd
GC Tigrina Macgregor Of Arons GC Tigrina's Starry Night DM
Annapcats Cinnlarki Of Tigrina
Polynesia CH Attabiya Press Your Luck
Robin Cliff Solitaire
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