Pedigree of:

Blackwater Sluggo of Catiators
DOB: 5/5/2003 Reg No.: 0208-1453942 Colour: Tawny sptd
Catiators Spruce Goose
DOB: 6/25/2001 Reg No.: 0202-1380872 Colour: Tawny ticked
GC Cabyss Blue Spruce
DOB: 8/8/1998 Reg No.: 0384-1228937 Colour: Blue (aby)
Clarion's Artic Fox Suncharmer Blue Max
Dearada First Frost of Clarion
Cabyss Litmus Clarion's Copper Dust of Gatita
Bogeykats Twilight of Cabyss
Catiators Chasca of Neuspots
DOB: 8/29/2000 Reg No.: 0213-13334355 Colour: Ebony silver sptd
CH Catiators SR-71 Blackbird Catiators F-4 Wildcat
CH Synareo Crystal Blue Persuasion
Milwaukee's Finest of Catiators CH Halifax Top Wesselton
Milwaukee's Ylva
CH Blackwater Jumanji Of Timberwild
DOB: 11/28/1995 Reg No.: 0217-1043027 Colour: Chocolate sptd
CH Timberwild Oh What A Boy
DOB: 6/8/1986 Reg No.: 0216-0368112 Colour: Chocolate sptd
Wildquest One Bad Cat Of Timberwild Ociville Jungle Jive Of Wildquest
Moontreekats Midnight Lace
Timberwild Half Pint Of Colasberos Ahsi Ivanhoe
Miss Sweet Dreams At Dusk
GC Ociville Kisha Of Blackwater
DOB: 3/28/1990 Reg No.: 0217-0624850 Colour: Chocolate sptd
CH Ociville Shaka-Zulu Of Blackwater CH Colasberos Krugerrand Of Ociville
DM Ociville's Wildestar Of Wrentree DM
Ociville Ki-Rin CH Colasberos Krugerrand Of Ociville
Osigatti 24-Karat Of Ociville DM
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