Pedigree of:

Tesserae AirVenture of Catiators
DOB: Reg No.: Colour: Lavender sptd
GC RW Tesserae Shadowboxer
DOB: 7/2/1998 Reg No.: 0228-1227620 Colour: Lav silver sptd
GC RW Walnuthollow Hyperion Of Ociopia
DOB: 10/22/1996 Reg No.: 0226-1108143 Colour: Choc silver sptd
GC RW Alspots Stormcloud Of Echoesofmaja GC RW Echoesofmaja Runs With Thunder
GC Foxioci Sabrina Of Alspots DM
GC Walnuthollow Molecular Mocha DM CH Ridgemount Tempo Of Walnuthollow
CH Ridgemount Almond Of Walnuthollow DM
Kuttoneth Zephyr of Tesserae
DOB: Reg No.: Colour: Chocolate sptd
Lotsaocidots Sun Chaser Of Mosu Lotsaocidots Indecent Exposure
Lotsaocidots Bich'N Breeze
Kuttoneth Desiderata GC Glossyoci Lotto Dotz Of Ociquest
Osigatti Lady Godiva Of Ociquest
Catiators Viola of Tessarae
DOB: 8/5/2002 Reg No.: 0229-1434830 Colour: Lav silver sptd
CH OciOci's Willem-Alexander
DOB: 4/15/2001 Reg No.: 0216-1364164 Colour: Chocolate sptd
CH Bc Katz Holoholo-Of-Milwaukee's GC Catoninetail Hoku-Lele Of L'Belle
CH L'Belle Ku'Ulei Aloha Of Bc Katz
OciOci Solar Corona Beduin Beauty's Bahr el Arab
Escoburg Purple Eegje
Catiators CH-46 Phrog
DOB: 6/21/2001 Reg No.: 0225-1370720 Colour: Fawn silver sptd
Catiators The Red Baron Catiators F-4 Wildcat
Teknokatz Toomai of Auxarcs
Auxarcs Flite of Fancy of Catiators GC RW Synareo Big Man In Town Of Auxarcs
CH Arons Crimson And Clover
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