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DreamSong Wing Walker of Catiators
DOB: 3/23/2002 Reg No.: 0226-1404360 Colour: Choc silver sptd
CH Ridgemount Passacaglia of Hakuna
DOB: 7/4/1997 Reg No.: 0212-1138428 Colour: Ebony silv sptd
CH Tigrina Marcato Of Ridgemount
DOB: Reg No.: 0212-1054197 Red Colour: Ebony silv sptd
GC Tigrina's Starry Night DM CH Lord Khalvin Of Tigrina
GC Lotsaocidots Swiss Miss Of Tigrina
CH Tigrina Tangueray Richoci Grand Cru Bleu Of Tigrina
CH Gemlou Vodka Martini Of Tigrina
Ridgemount Dolce
DOB: 11/4/1994 Reg No.: 0213-0960546 Colour: Ebony silv sptd
CH Tigrina Beefeater Of Ridgemount GC Tigrina's Starry Night DM
CH Gemlou Vodka Martini Of Tigrina
Ridgemount Alleluia CH Ridgemount Bravo
GC Ridgemount Melody
CH Sammykins Chanson of DreamSong
DOB: 4/16/1999 Reg No.: Colour: Chocolate sptd
Foxioci Tommyspots Of Danabree
DOB: Reg No.: 0216-0737623 Colour: Chocolate sptd
CH Foxioci Starry Knight CH Gogees Alexander Of Foxioci
CH Ociville Little Luv Of Foxioci
CH Gogees Ciara Camor Of Foxioci CH Ociville Golden Omar Of Purrfurdots
Prodigy Camo Design Of Purrfurdots
Jandemar Sweet Marie
DOB: 6/14/1994 Reg No.: 0211-947122 Colour: Cinnamon sptd
Trendar Samson Of Mcdyomo Gemlou Bumper Sticker
Timberwild Dickens
Seinna Of Mcdyomo Auxarcs Evening Shade
Auxarcs Branham's Wisp
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