Odo-ban Warning!


We show cats. Several years ago, we found Odo-ban at Sam's Club. It seemed like a great cleaning product, as it kills viruses, bacteria and other pathogens that might be a danger to our cats.

Unfortunately, in our experience, we have found that Odo-ban is a bigger danger to our cats than viruses or bacteria might ever be. Following our use of the product by the labeled instructions, Odo-ban destroyed the reproductive health of our cats, causing uterine and testicular atrophy, c-sections, and kitten death. In researching the product's contents, we have found it contains ingredients that are related to compounds known to cause reproductive damage in humans.

We have now talked to other people with cats that have had problems with this product. It requires long term exposure, and young animals whose reproductive organs are developing are at greatest risk. Vet hospitals seem to use it safely - but there is generally no long term exposure to the product by animals in vet hospitals.

Using the product caused us problems, not using the product has solved them. We feel it necessary to say to other pet owners, Odo-ban may be a problem for you and your animals.

Anne, Catiators Ocicats

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