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The color of Ocicats.


About the Bengal

From the The International Bengal Cat Society's website: 

The Bengal cat was developed in an effort to preserve the Asian Leopard Cat. This wild cat is crossed with domestic cats. The first 4 generations of this cross may require special handling, housing, care and/or special permits. After 4 generations from the Asian Leopard Cat, the Bengal is considered to be a domestic cat. 

Please see The International Bengal Cat Society website for more information regarding the Bengal.

Ocicats contain no wild blood, their pedigree is entirely domesticated cat, with the predictable temperament and personality of a domestic cat. There is no increased risk of instinctual (wild) behavior, such as spraying, biting, and scratching.

For a rescuer's perspective on hybrids, see Hybrids. Another wild animal sanctuary's perspective: MNMWP Hybrids

We would much prefer to see this time and effort put into preservation of the actual wild cats - Asian Leopard Cat, Serval and Caracal (which are not endangered), rather than development of the genetically diluted Bengal, or any other wild hybrid.

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January 2, 2017


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