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The color of Ocicats.


Our Cattery

The Beginning

Catiators Ocicats was established in 1998. We started out with a chocolate neuter to show, but as we became more enamored with the breed our goal became preservation of the health, beauty and wonderful personality of the Ocicat. This breed is playful, friendly and affectionate, and much more adaptable than most cats. Because it is all domestic, a blend of Abyssinian, Siamese and American Shorthair, the Ocicat provides the wild look with a stable tempermant rather than the risky temperament and behavior often found in wild hybrids. Ocicats are ideal for most households.

Our Name

Our cattery name was chosen for our love of aviation (Catiators - aviators). It gives us easy names for our cats - we name them all after aircraft, famous aviators or with an aviation theme!


We are members of the Ocicat breed club, Ocicats of North American. We are also active in the TICA and CFA Ocicat Breed Council.

The Hobby of Pedigreed Cats

Unfortunately, the hobby of exhibiting and breeding companion animals is under attack by animal "rights" organizations. Hobby breeders are most likely to produce the best quality pet, since they can concentrate on health and temperament rather than quantity. Hobbyists exhibit their animals, with a goal of breeding towards excellence. Yet animal rights organizations seek to license and otherwise penalize hobbyists, so that only those large commercial organizations (pet "mills") can afford to breed. Both cat and dog fanciers are declining quickly, yet pedigreed, predictable companion animals are increasing in popularity because they can be chosen to fit into a specific lifestyle. Pedigreed animals are consequently much less likely to be relinquished to shelters and rescues. Please see The Cat Fancier's Association position statement regarding the extinction of the pedigreed cat, at There is more information about legislative issues here:

Due to the recent decision of the USDA/APHIS to license breeders selling pets sight "unseen", we no longer ship. We are sorry that this means some people will not be able to enjoy the pet of their choice.

The Ocicat is a Great Pet!

While creating a show ring winner is wonderful, creating a legacy of beautiful, healthy, loving pets whose temperament can be predicted is even better! We are so pleased with the sweet, affectionate, and outgoing qualities of our Ocicats - the mild "purrsonality" with the wild spots. We chose Ocicats because of their personalities, their beauty, and their playful attitude on life!

Check out this book by former Ocicat breeder and veterinarian Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM. It provides all the information you need to help your cat live a long and happy life.

Click on the book for more information.

it's available inexpensively from Amazon, or check your local library!

Your Diabetic Cat

a great source for the newly diagnosed and also for diabetes prevention

Feline Nutrition Awareness Effort

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January 2, 2017


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