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The color of Ocicats.


About the Ocicat


The Ocicats' Looks

The ideal Ocicat is a large, active cat with an athletic appearance. It is a very solidly built cat with a short, tight coat whose satin sheen shows off muscles and spots to their best advantage. The original Ocicat was the unexpected result of an experimental breeding between an Abyssinian and a Siamese designed to produce an Aby-pointed Siamese. The first kitten was named an Ocicat because of its resemblance to an ocelot. The Ocicat resembles a wild cat, but no wild animal is exploited to produce this beautiful breed.

The Ocicats' Temperament

While the Ocicat looks wild, its temperament is anything but ferocious. The Ocicat is confident as well as dedicated to its owners. Most Ocicats are quite extroverted around strangers, not at all bashful about checking out the possibilities for a few playmates or a lap to curl up on when visitors come to call.

The Ocicats' Personality

An Ocicat is a wonderful addition to any household - they generally adapt readily to most situations, including children and other pets. They are a beautiful, wild looking cat with the best domestic cat personality, very active, affectionate and ready to play, but willing to purr on your lap too.

The Ocicats' Health

Ocicats are not prone to any genetic diseases. The genepool, while small, is still developing because outcross breeding to the Abyssinian to continue to develop the genetic diversity of the breed is still being done. The Abyssinian/Ocicat hybrid is a CFA registered Ocicat. The Ocicat was developed from 3 widely different breeds as well. Genetic diversity provides immune system strength, as well as avoidance of problems that can be concentrated by too small a genepool or "popular sire" syndrome.

The Ocicats' Size

Ocicats are the largest all domestic shorthaired breed of cat. Males can be as large as 16-17 pounds and a foot tall at the shoulder, although 10-12 is perhaps more usual. The only larger cat in CFA is the Maine Coon, but of course they are long haired. With a genetic foundation from a variety of breeds, the Abyssinian, Siamese, and particularly the American Shorthair, the Ocicat is a large-boned, densely muscled, surprisingly heavy cat. Well-bred Ocicats are generally larger rather than smaller, but they must be fed correctly to reach their appropriate size.

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January 2, 2017


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