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The color of Ocicats.


Our Show Scene

Cage curtains containing Prop and Sluggo

Here's our show curtains (with GC, RW, AW Midnite Moon AMT of Catiators). How to make a cat show cage a fun place to stay for a cat, and to make it a good "backdrop" for them too. It's easy to make and takes just a few minutes to set up.

Cat shows are not a natural environment for a cat - too many people and way too many cats! But the curtains allow them to think they are one of just a few.


We're Showing...


Catiators Aichi Ninjin

The prettiest kitten we've had lately is this nice lavender. He was 3rd Best of Breed Kitten at the 2014 CFA World Show, quite an accomplishment for a lavender!

Photo by Tetsu

Catiators Piper Matrix

This pretty boy had a good time at the 2014 CFA World Show. He was 4th Best of Breed Ocicat Kitten.

Photo by Tetsu

Catiators Chesley Sullenberger, III

This nice boy hasn't shown much either, we took some time off from showing. But he certainly is a handsome guy!

Photo by Preston Smith

Catiators Barnstormer

This lovely girl hasn't shown much (girls don't have much chance against the bigger boys) but her brothers have done her proud. Both are Grand Champions! One of her brothers even has a National winning son.

Photo by St. Arnaud

Catiators Stewardess

Catiators Stwardess

This lovely girl has had a lot of fun showing as a kitten. She was Best Ocicat Kitten at the CFA World Show, Red Version against really nice competition! She is out of one of Tink's first litters.

Photo by St. Arnaud

GC, RW, AW Midnite Moon AMT (Aircraft Maintenance Technician) of Catiators

Many thanks to Fran Volkman for seeing this guy in Robin and Maren Madigan's first litter and thinking of us! He is exactly what we look for in our silver program - great definition and deep, dark spots. But Tink is also a really nice package on his own! He's been very fun to show, making several BEST IN SHOW, as well as a number of shows where he made every final (top 10).

Tink is a 2012 REGIONAL WINNER (number 8 of top 25) and BEST Ocicat in CFA's Great Lakes region, as well as 2nd Best of Breed Nationally! What a great year for a beautiful cat. He's also earned the title of Agility Winner!

He did very well as a kitten and was the Cat Fancers' Association 2011 Second Best of Breed Kitten nationally and Best Ocicat Kitten in the Great Lakes Region. He very nearly made a Regional Win as well - he's 26th! (the top 25 add RW to their name). Tink had a great support committee - Sonja, Carolyn and Amanda all helped show him to his wins, which included many top ten Bests and even a Best Kitten in show!

Photo by Creative Focus

GC, RW Catiators LTR-14 Meteor

Flash was our keeper in another litter we co-bred/own with Sonja Moscoffian of Blackwater Ocicats. He is by her GC Blackwater Flashlight of Catiators (now Jucha), out of our CH Catiators HMS Totem. Flash was an easy boy to show, and we are really proud of his success and that of his brothers. He is a 2011 Regional Winner and Best Ocicat in the Great Lakes region of the Cat Fanciers' Association, as well as 3rd Best of Breed Nationally ! Many thanks to Sonja for her help!

Flash is now retired from the show ring, but he's producing beautiful kittens!

Photo by St Arnaud

GC, SGC, RW Catiators Shameless of Midnite Moon

Moose was shown by Robin and Maren Madigan. This beautiful chocolate boy wasn't quite sure about showing initially, but Robin persisted and convinced him otherwise! He is now a The Cat Fanciers' Association Grand Champion, and 3rd Best of Breed Ocicat in the CFA Great Lakes Region!! He is also a 2011 Regional Winner and Supreme Grand Champion in the Great Lakes region of The International Cat Association.

We're really proud of how nicely Moose produced for Robin and Maren! They are showing one of Tink's brothers, a beautiful lavender. Tink is by GC, SGC, RW Catiators Shameless of Midnite Moon out of Auxarcs Passport to the Jungle. They have some other up and coming kittens that we hope will also be show winners!

Photo by Michael Shuster


Other show stars!

CH Catiators HMS Totem and CH Catiators Jackpot Air Classic

These pretty siblings have been shown as kittens. Totem has also been quite successful in agility! Jackpot was shown as an adult, but his color is simply not a popular one in CFA! Both he and Totem have produced beautiful kittens.

Photo by St. Arnaud

SGC, SGP, IW Catiators AirRace of Pirate's Lair, LA

Racer was shown by Laurie Patton in TICA. He is 2011 2nd Best Premiership in TICA, giving him an International Win as an alter as well! He was Best Premiership cat in the TICA Southeast Region. He enjoyed great success as a kitten, going best kitten in show more than once. He completed his adult championship show career and became a Supreme Grand Champion, International Winner, and best Ocicat in championship for the 2009-10 season in TICA! MANY thanks to Laurie for keeping Racer in such great condition and enjoying him so much. Racer now has his TICA Lifetime Achievement award!

Photo by Helmi

CH Auxarcs Bush Pilot of Catiators

Thanks to Barb Stewart for sharing this beautiful chocolate silver with us.

We look forward to what he might do in the show hall.

Pilot a chocolate silver Ocicat

Photo by Anne McCulloch


GP Catiators Cpt Jack Sparrow of TC

Jack is being shown in ACFA and CFA by Martice and Leon. He's doing well so far, having granded and earned a REGIONAL WIN in ACFA. He'll continue to show and hopefully grand in CFA as wel! Many thanks to Martice and Leon for keeping him in great condition and showing him!

Photo by Preston Smith

GC Auxarcs ShotDownNFlamz of Catiators

Shooter started out his first show with a bang, making 4 finals and becoming 8th best kitten in show. A terrific start for a terrific kitten. He's now a Grand Champion and Best Cinnamon and 2nd Best of Breed in Region 4 for 2006!! Thanks to Barb Stewart and Fran Volkman for sharing him with us.

Shooter a cinnamon Ocicat

Photo by St Arnaud


CH Catiators A-3 Skywarrior

This pretty ebony silver doesn't mind the show hall (although CFA hates his color!) but he has loved agility! He's won several times.

Warrior an ebony silver Ocicat

Photo by St Arnaud

CH Catiators F-10 SkyNight

This lovely boy is outgoing, friendly, and FLASHY, the perfect combination for an Ocicat showboy! He's started accumulating points towards his Grand and is the Best Dilute Silver in Region 4 for 2005-2006!

Skynight a fawn silver Ocicat

photo by Larry Johnson


CH Blackwater Sluggo of Catiators

This boy was a collaborative breeding with Sonja Moscoffian of Blackwater Ocicats. He's a wonderful personality that is very athletic and playful. He's acquiring points on his grand.

Sluggo a tawny Ocicat

photo by Larry Johnson


GC Auxarcs Ozzie of WhtFang Spot

We enjoyed showing this beautiful boy to his grand, and his offspring, and that of his sister, Auxarcs FliteofFancy of Catiators, were equally nice!

Ozzie a lavender silver Ocicat

Photo by Linda Wollaber/Animal Images


GC Calumet Cats Propwash of Catiators

We so appreciated Fran Volkman sharing this lovely boy with us. He was a real joy to show and produced beautiful kittens for us.

Prop a tawny Ocicat

Photo by Preston Smith


This is Catiators Red-Hot Curry of Thickthorn in his beautiful garden in England.

Curry a cinnamon Ocicat


These ribbons were earned by Catiators Jagger of Neuspots, a cinnamon shown by Wendy Neuhofer. The ribbons were from "finals" (top 10) he made at his first show!

Jagger a cinnamon Ocicat


Shown by Gene and Kristina DeVore is GP Catiators Rajah, Thief of Hearts, a chocolate. Rajah is a Grand Premier! Congratulations to Gene and Kristina! Catiators is really proud of Rajah!

Rajah a chocolate Ocicat


This is Catiators Simon Templar, a tawny that was shown as a premier in the Great Lakes region.

Simon a tawny Ocicat


We would love to help you join the world of cat showing - contact us about a premier to show. It's lots of fun.
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January 2, 2017


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