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The color of Ocicats.


Our Ocicats

This page highlights our cats. We are very interested in preserving the Ocicat, to retain its superior health and predictable temperament. We enjoy all 12 colors found in the Ocicat, and specialize in the rarer silvers and dilutes. There is almost always someone home with our cats, so they get lots of love and attention. Enjoy!   What color is that Ocicat? Ocicat Colors
Our Ocicat Boys
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We've kept the pictures small so this page will load more quickly. Email us for more information regarding our cats. See our GALLERY for cats in our pedigrees.

GC, RW Catiators LTR-14 Meteor


2011 CFA Great Lakes Regional Winner

GC, RW, AW Midnite Moon AMT of Catiators


2012 CFA Great Lakes Regional Winner

GC Blackwater Flashlight of Catiators x CH Catiators HMS Totem
GC/SGC, RW Catiators Shameless of Midnite Moon x Auxarcs Passport to the Jungle

CH Catiators Jackpot Air Classic

Jackpot, an ebony silver boy

ebony silver

Catiators Stinson Reliant

Chocolate spotted male Ocicat kitten


CH Catiators A-3 Skywarrior x Catiators C-47 Dakota
CH Morai Par Avion of Catiators x Blackwater BA Honeybee of Catiators

Our thanks to Barbara Stewart

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Our Ocicat Girls

Catiators CAC Boomerang


Catiators Stewardess

Catiators Stewardess


CH Catiators Kangaroo Jet x Catiators HMS Totem
GC, RW Midnite Moon AMT of Catiators x Calumet Cats Musiara of Catiators

Catiators MRE Serena and Catiators UAS Sambura


Catiators Barnstormer


Auxarcs Masai Chief x Catiators Barnstormer

GC, RW Catiators LTR-14 Meteor x Catiators Bessie Coleman

Up and Coming

Catiators Aichi Ninjin


Auxarcs Masai Chief x Catiators Barnstormer  
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January 2, 2017


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