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The color of Ocicats.


Our Kittens

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What color is that Ocicat? Ocicat Colors
These kittens are from some of our litters. We can have all colors.

chocolate, fawn

ebony silver & chocolate silver

cinnamon silver, fawn silver

GC, RW Catiators LTR-14 Meteor x Catiators Bessie Coleman
CH Catiators Black Sheep Squadron x Auxarcs Beryl Markham of Catiators
Catiators F-5 Freedom Fighter x Catiators Orchestrated Hell

lavender, chocolate

The rarest and most exotic colors in Ocicats are the "champagne" or dilute colors, blue, lavender, fawn, blue silver, lavender silver and fawn silver (the least common).

cinnamon, fawn silver

Auxarcs Masaai Chief of Calumet Cats x Catiators Barnstormer
CH Catiators F-10 Skynight x Catiators Orchastrated Hell

ebony silver

lavender silver , fawn silver

Champagne colors!

The other colors on silver are also more unusual than chocolate, cinnamon or tawny, the more common (but still beautiful) Ocicat colors.
CH Catiators Jackpot Air Classic x Blackwater Fairey Fox of Catiators
Catiators Piper SkyCoupe x Catiators Percival Vega Gull

lavender, lavender silver, tawny

Kitten Trainer

Kittens and Jaz Silvery Moon at Dawn, a Weimaraner

cinnamon, tawny, ebony silver

CH Blackwater Sluggo of Catiators x Catiators Ka-52 Alligator
Catiators S-3 Viking x Catiators Mile High

ebony silver hybrid

We occasionally have Ocicat F1s or Abyssinian/Ocicat hybrids. Hybrids are registered as Ocicats, but do not have spots. They have the wild look of the mountain lion instead.


blue, chocolate, tawny

GC CAbyss Blue Spruce x Catiators Chasca of Neuspots
Catiators Wild Blue Yonder x Catiators V-22 Osprey

chocolate smoke

chocolate classic

We also occasionally have "AOV" colors available. These are Ocicats that come "ghost" spotted, like black leopards, or with swirly tabby patterns, like marbled cats of the wild.
Ocipwas Ghostrider of Catiators x Dreamsong Radar Blip of Catiators
Cheracat Challenger x Auxarcs Flite of Fancy of Catiators

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January 2, 2017


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