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Cat shows are sponsored by the different registration associations, such as The International Cat Association. A cat show consists of several different rings, each presided over by a different judge, so that each ring is like a different show! All cat show judges are association-trained and certified in their knowledge of the standards for the various cat breeds.

Each cat entered in the show is assigned a number, and when that number is called in each ring, the cat is placed in a cage behind the judge. The judge then takes out each cat and evaluates it for adherence to the breed's standard. The cats are chosen for the best of color by gender, then best of breed. When all breeds have been evaluated, the judge will pick their best cats (the Final), sometimes in a specialty, such as shorthair, or from all breeds judged. This is done for all three judged categories, Kittens, Championship, and Premiership (alters).

 CH Catiators Jackpot Air Classic and Judge Vickie Nye

Judge Vickie Nye and CH Catiators Jackpot Air Classic


Judge Teresa Keiger and SGC Catiators Cpt JHack Sparrow of TC

Cat showing is a lot of fun for the whole family, and it doesn't always require a pedigreed cat, many people get started with their household pet. To find out more information about cat showing, pick up a cat specialty magazine or view the CFA , TICA or ACFA website for dates of cat shows near you and check them out!

Laurie Patton's boy SGC, IW Catiators AirRace of Pirate's Lair is featured in this video - it gives you a bit more of an idea about cat showing.

SGC Catiators Cpt Jack Sparrow of TC and Judge Teresa Keiger

We would be glad to help you get started in cat showing, please do contact us.

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January 2, 2017


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