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The color of Ocicats.


Showcase of Ocicats

These photos copyright by the owner. This page is picture intensive and will take a while to load on dial-up, but it's worth it!

Yeley learned to sit up! on command

We place kittens and cats as pets when they aren't quite what we are looking for to show, or are retired from our program. Here are some of them in their new homes.


Tuggles thinks Tazz is pretty comfy! Ocicats do especially well with a buddy.

We are often asked how we can bear to let our cats and kittens go. We do love them very much, but we enjoy sharing them too (after all, Barb Stewart was kind enough to share one with us!). The predictable temperament and personality of the Ocicat, with their lovely "wildcat" spots makes a wonderful and endearing pet. And we meet such great people!


What do you mean "Your chair?!?"


A true supercat.

Zan with his new buddy, Ian.

Camille and Natasha

Let's play!

Ociciats make good companions for young children, however, children must always be supervised with pets.
Ocicats may be more willing to make "unusual" friends than most cats.

Sky & RT

Raven the nurse


Sitting pretty.

If your belongings are critically important to you, an Ocicat may not be the best choice of pet. They do tend to be everywhere!


flying high! That is the top of the door.

Ocicats will be wherever you are in your home, they love to share your activities. They are a true companion.


Doesn't he look comfy?



Rudy (an Aby/Oci hybrid) watches tv. He just makes it a bit more interactive!.

An Oci enjoys play time most of all!


Lindy tips over the laundry basket to play. Doesn't it look like fun?


Jazmin playing ferociously!


In trouble!

Even if they have to confiscate someone else's toys!

Stella and Zuzu

Stopped for the camera.


You may not think so when you get a new Ocicat kitten, but they do stop eventually. :)


Wiley catching a few "zzzz"s

Oscar and Hobie

Cheetah posing for the camera.

Lexi, relaxing.

A retired adult may be a more appropriate choice if you love the Ocicat personality but don't think you are quite up to a kitten.

Tusk & Gypsy

Enjoying their retirement!


Gee, that retirement's not so bad.

Artesmia posing

Finnigan taking a time out

Rajah still has his show winning style!


The perfect centerpiece.

A little chocolate for your table? Ocicats also come as gorgeous ghost spotted table leopards, or ticked like a mountain lion.

Kiowa and Baron

Sleeping buddies.



Spike, Casey, Punky &

Not really a crowd. :)

The Ocicat pattern is a broken, or modified classic tabby pattern, so classic tabbies without modifier are possible. The ticked tabby of the Abysinnian, and solids with and without silver (smoke) are also possible. All are beautiful, just not shown.

Sugar and Spice

and everything nice


No spots, but still spectacular.



January 2, 2017


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